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Characteristics - Color saturation varies depending on application.  Thin layers may be lighter and thick layers darker and more saturated.  Some colors are "strikers" which may appear pale or even colorless in their cold form but "strike" or mature to target color when fired.  


COLORS THAT STRIKE - In order to provide the largest and most interesting palette of colors to kiln and torch workers, Bullseye produces some glasses that appear pale or colorless in the cold form but which "strike" or mature to target color upon firing.

SHEET GLASS SIZES +/- AND THICKNESS - Because of the handcrafted nature of Bullseye Glass all dimensions are approximate and all sheets will have atleast one rolled edge.  Standard thickness on Bullseye Glass is approximately 3mm thick, glass indicated as thin is approximately 2mm thick.

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Bullseye Glass-Product Specifications (February 2020)

All sheets have a 1-2 rolled edges

2mm x 8''x10''+/- & 20''x17''+/- Glass

3mm x 10''x10''+/- & 20''x17''+/-& 20''x35''+/- Glass  (Minimum sheet length 33˝)

Stringers, Rod & Ribbon 16'' to 17'' Length +/-

Frit - Powder,Fine,Medium,Coarse & Extra Large /5oz.,1lb. & 5lb.+/-

Confetti - Paper-thin glass shards measure from 0.25˝ (or less) to 3˝ at their longest dimension (6 to 76 mm)

Billet - .75˝ x 10˝ x 5˝+/- (3.2 to 3.4 lb)