Bullseye Sheet Glass Volume Discount 51%-58% Off Retail

Fused Glass Warehouse Volume discount

Bullseye Sheet  51%-58% Off Retail 

Drop-Ship Only (From Portland Oregon)

Email or Call 1-603-347-1591

taxed in these states OR, CA, CO, IL, MD, MI, MN, NC, NM, NY, NJ, PA, TX, WA.

Drop Ship Only!!!!!!!!!!

66+* Sheets Drop Ship From Bullseye Glass 51% Off Retail (1 to 2/-full Crates)

198+* Sheets Drop Ship From Bullseye Glass 53% Off Retail (3 to 4/-full Crates)

330+* Sheets Drop Ship From Bullseye Glass 56% Off Retail (5 t0 6/-full Crates)

462+* Sheets Drop Ship From Bullseye Glass 58% Off Retail (7+/-full Crates)

*sheet quantity depends on glass type, some styles, such as Mardi Gras, will fit fewer pieces per case.

Discounts apply to standard colors, 3mm sheet glass.  Does not apply to Tekta Clear & White

Cases can be a mix of colors and styles.

Drop-Ship Only (From Portland Oregon) 

NOTE: Freight, crate fees, pallet charge, lift gate charges may apply.

They will be calculated and charged on a per order basis.  

If you would like a quote, please contact us to place your order.


  • Motor freight: Inspect all shipments immediately upon receipt. If you notice any damage to the exterior packaging, do not sign the delivery receipt until you have inspected the goods. If you discover damage to the goods, note this on the carrier's delivery receipt, file a claim immediately with the carrier.

This case price reflects a volume discount off the retail price. Bullseye Discount-Discounts do not apply.

  • Item #: Volume Discount 51%-58%OffRetail

Bullseye Sheet Glass Volume Discount 51%-58% Off Retail

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