Diamond Max Elite 2-IN-1 Grinder with Light
  • Industry leading 6 year manufacturer warranty
  • Advanced Super Sponge™ water-cooling system
  • Convenient fully adjustable work light


This grinder does it all! The first glass grinder to combine a flat diamond disk for straight edges with a router style bit for curves. You get two grinders in one! Bit and disk run simultaneously - you don't have to stop and switch back and forth.

Features a 1/8 hp motor and a 9" x 5-1/2" work surface. Includes a 1" Silver Bullet bit, 6" 260 grit diamond disk a 30°/45° angle block for perfectly fitting beveled edges, large work surface, and a 6 year manufacturer warranty. Click on Specification or User Manual to learn more about the Diamond Max's features.

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Diamond Max Elite 2-IN-1 Grinder with Light

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