Fuseworks Craft Kiln


Large 8.5” diameter x 3 ½” deep firing chamber. 

Set Up Kiln And Safety

How to Fuse Glass In Your Fuseworks Craft Kiln

Getting started in glass fusing has never been easier with the Fuseworks™ Craft Kiln. An easy to use beginner/ intermediate level craft kiln with an adjustable electronic timer. Kiln allows you to fully fuse a two layer project in a as little as 15minutes!

What else can you do with Fuseworks Craft kiln?

-GLASS SLUMPING: Add dimension to your fusing. Ceramic slumping molds allow you to shape the glass by bending (slumping or draping) over a form to make unique art, dishes, and more

- GLASS CASTING: Create jewelry with substance. Ceramic casting molds come in a variety of fun designs. Simply coat, fill with frit and small glass bits, then fire for perfectly formed shapes every time.

-METAL ENAMELING: Add incredible color to copper shapes. This fast and fun ancient art-form uses powdered enamels applied to ma metal base to make glossy, gorgeous jewelry and dishes.

-GLAZED CERAMICS: Paint your way to pretty dishes, tiles and more. You can fire low-fire glazes in your Craft Kiln to make truly unique home décor.

KIT INCLUDES: Craft Kiln, Stand and Instructional Manual.

FEATURES: A large 8.5” diameter x 3 ½” deep firing chamber. Self regulated coil heating system. Heat resistant wooden handle. User friendly timer. Runs on standard household outlets. 120V

WARNING THIS NOT A TOY: Children under the age of 16 should not use this kiln and it’s contents without strict adult supervision.

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Fuseworks Craft Kiln

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