Hydrogel N Flexible Mix

Hydrogel N Flexible

Flexible mold material for casting multiple copies. Hydrogel N mold compound is a type of alginate that is fairly easy to mix and sets in 5-10 minutes.

MIXING AND CURING: Weigh or measure proper amounts of Hydrogel  powder and room temperature water. The mix ratio is 3 parts water to 1 part Hydrogel, by weight, or approximately 1 water to 1¼ Hydrogel, by volume. Mix together rapidly to a creamy consistency, but avoid whipping in air. For best results, use a Turbo Mixer on a variable speed drill. Add powder or water as needed to thicken or thin the mix. Working time is about 5 minutes, but can be extended using Retarder Solution (see table below). Apply the creamy mix to the model surface with a fl owing motion, pushing air ahead of the mix. Demold with care two to three minutes after the mix has gelled.

A flexible mold compound used to make mother molds for casting multiple copies. Mix with water to a creamy consistency. Sets in about five minutes to a rubbery gel that yields an excellent mold impression. Molds can be kept several days in sealed, airtight containers. Because it sest quickly, this product is ideal for demonstrations and workshops.

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Hydrogel N Flexible Mix

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