Petite Keepsake Box 60% Off


Bevels are made of crystal clear glass. Perfect for etching, decoupage, stenciling and transfers.

Edges have a 45° angle.

Beveled edge refracts light into a rainbow of colors -- both inside the glass, and onto surrounding surfaces.

Use bevels in suncatchers, jewelry, picture frames, candlesticks, boxes and much more!

KIT CONTAINS: Five 2" x 2" glass bevels, one 2" x 2" mirror, one clear gem, 8" ball chain and instructions.

Additional glass crafting materials needed for this project include: soldering iron, lead nipper, copper foil, lead-free solder, tape, heat resistant work surface, flux, flux brush, scissors and glass adhesive.



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Petite Keepsake Box 60% Off

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