Studio Pro 41

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240V ,45Amps ,Cortrol=RM3 ,Reg.$5075.00

Measuring in at 40.5" x 22.25" x 13.5"

Option shelf size 39.3" x 24" Full Seamless Shelf    

The Studio Pro 41 offers artists, studios and production operations true, large scale firing potential.

Our Dual Access Design allows for both front loading and top loading. Front loading is perfect for glass placement as there are no walls to avoid or work around, it's just straight to the shelf. Glass raking and combing are also unrestricted. Top loading makes positioning of forms and molds easy and exact and glass placement on these forms precise.

The Studio pro 41 is available with a variety of controls from the TAP touchscreen to the traditional Rampmaster 3. It's also available with our Quiet Drive Solid State output that delivers tight temperature control, longer heating element life and no relays to ever replace.

Like all of our kilns, the Studio Pro 41 is equipped with our exclusive Swing View Adjustable Enclosure. The swing view positions the controls in a pivoting enclosure that can be rotated up for a natural and relaxed position for programming and use. This same enclosure can then be rotated to the down position so controls can be viewed from across the studio. Programming your kiln should not be an exercise in gymnastics and the swing view is a welcome feature.

The Studio Pro 41 is delivered in two easy to manage sections so kiln location options abound. Navigating tight hallways or doors for setup is not an issue.

All kilns are made to order and may take 3-5 weeks from the manufacturer depending on make and model, unless otherwise stated "in stock at store" on that particular model.  Please contact us for fusedglasswarehouse time frame, shipping costs and pallet charges, if applicable.


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Studio Pro 41

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