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Wasser Glass is all hand made and will come with a rolled edge from the manufacturing process. The photos of the glass on this web site are as close as possible.  Due to camera and monitor displays the color maybe slightly different once you receive them. 

Glass Size 6''x 6''

All Wasser varies in color until fired - process tempertures effect final glass color (ie: white appear a gray tint - full fused becomes white;  black appears dark gray - full fused becomes black)

These are the very interesting thin,90coe patterns. 

We still have colors in stock, but when it is gone it is gone!!!

Wasser Glass Guidelines

 For fusing pieces that are 2 glass layers

Action Ramp Time Set Point Soak Time
Heating (Room temp) 400°F/Hr 1340°F (726°C) 30 minutes (or desired effect)
Flash Venting N/A 1050°F (565°C) N/A
Annealing Soak N/A 968°F (504°C) 30 minutes
Cooling-Phase 1 10°F/min 780°F (426°C) 30 minutes
Cooling-Phase 2 15°F/min 550°F (371°C) 30 minutes
Cooling-Phase 3 20°F/min to room temp N/A

Wasser Glass is unlike any other glass you’ve experienced. It is a hand-cast glass, therefore some variations in color and pattern may occur.

These variations add only to the visual aesthetics of the glass.