Xiem Firm Texture Combs Set A

Product Description

Xiem Texture Combs sets are the ultimate texturing tools. Each comb has 4 different design options to maximize your creative potential.

These texture combs are great for creating lines and strips of different width to produce various 3 dimensional texture effects on malleable surface including clay, thick slip, under-glaze, engobes, paint, stucco and gel mediums.

These tools are made with silicone to ensure to last a lifetime.

Uses: Simply pull straight, wavy, crisscross, circle or anyway you like to over your choice of mediums to create your own designs.

Care: Wash with soap and water. Blot Dry.

Each comb is about 4 7/16" x 2 3/4"


  • Item #: Xiem Firm Texture Combs Set A

Xiem Firm Texture Combs Set A

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